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Please make sure to answer these questions, so I have a clearer idea of what you need and can get back to you earlier.


Basic Information


What all do you need to be designed?

By when latest do you need them to be finished?


If your requirement is any one of the following, then please include the answers to these.


If Website Design


Do you need only Design (Deliverable: Only PSDs) or Design and Development (Deliverable: Final HTML/CSS files delivered and/or put live online for you)?

What is your website about?

How many pages do you need?

Do you need a CMS (WordPress) based site for frequent updating or a simple static site?


If Brochure Design


What size and type of brochure do you need? A single-fold, double-fold or booklet?

Will it be one sided or 2-sided or how many panels need to be designed?


If Flyer Design


What size do you need?

Do you need it to be one-sided or double-sided?


If Stationery Design


What stationery do you need? Business Card and Letterhead or anything else too?


Thank you!

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I'm Soumya S. Mohanty, a freelance Graphic Designer based in India. I'm in love with all forms of design, discovering and creating along the way. You may check out my Portfolio or Contact me if you need something designed. Read More

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